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South France, Biking, and Wine


My lack of communication recently has been due to me flying back early to the US due to family issues. I have been back since June 24th, and had not intended to post any more articles until I met some followers at a beer festival in Oshkosh Wisconsin who encouraged me to at least finish [...]

Bike Trip Photo Update


I began my 50 day bike trip this past Friday with my good friend, Cody Geddes. We both flew into Brussels from our own locations, mine being from Copenhagen, and his being from Las Vegas, where he just finished his first year of medical school. In Brussels, we purchased our bicycles, explored the city, and [...]

The Brewing of Jutland Smoked Porter


This past Friday, Jutland Smoked Porter was brewed at Søgaards Bryghus by myself and Brian Davis. The porter is a truly robust brew, with strong chocolate notes balancing wonderfully with the dark fruity maltiness, toffee, and roasted characters. To finish off the complexity of the beer, the porter will age for at least three months [...]

Jutland Smoked Porter


Today marks the date for the third beer I’ve now brewed in Denmark. Jutland Smoked Porter is a robust porter (7.6% ABV) that will be aged for at least three months in South African Pinot Noir Barrels. Jutland Smoked Porter is being brewed today, May 20th 2011 at Søgaards Bryghus in Aalborg, Denmark, where I [...]

Back to Brewing


Pam and Me out for a bike ride about 50 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

These past several weeks have been spent as wisely as I could have imagined, resting. on April 12th, my girlfriend, Pam, came over for a visit to Copenhagen so she and I could take a well-needed vacation. Because of this, I [...]

A New Start at Søgaards Bryghus

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

The past weeks have been busy, finishing up my time at Fanø, finding a bike to buy in Belgium, filling those pesky taxes in the US, and of course finding time for brewing and drinking great beer. This past Monday was when I had to bid my farewell [...]

Brewing Nuficera Porter


My first commercial batch of beer has been brewed and is currently fermenting. The beer is called “Nucifera Porter,” and is a chocolaty full bodied porter at 6.2%. The coconuts are being toasted tomorrow at a local bakery and will be added to the beer within hours after toasting. As of now, the base porter [...]

How to Toast Coconut

Light and Medium toast levels of coconut.

As many of you may know, I’ve brewed a coconut porter here in Denmark that will be ready for distribution and drinking within a few weeks. While coming up with my porter recipe, I did a lot of research into toasting coconut. I searched for temperatures, durations, thickness of coconut layer, thickness of coconut shaving, [...]

The Joys of Bottling

Bottles on the conveyor at Fanø Bryghus

Bottles on the conveyor at Fanø Bryghus

Here is something to contemplate. You go to the store and find your favorite six-pack of beer. It could be a pilsner, bock, stout, or barley wine, but when it comes down to it being in a bottle, it doesn’t matter. Here’s why.

For me, most beer that I [...]

Spectacular Fest Put On by Alvinne


Circling over Brussels before landing.

It’s hard to put words to this past weekend in Belgium, but I’ll do my best to describe what I saw, who I met, what I drank, and how damn good of a time I had.

The flights from Denmark to Germany took me to Frankfurt, where I enjoyed a quick [...]

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