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Jutland Smoked Porter


Today marks the date for the third beer I’ve now brewed in Denmark. Jutland Smoked Porter is a robust porter (7.6% ABV) that will be aged for at least three months in South African Pinot Noir Barrels. Jutland Smoked Porter is being brewed today, May 20th 2011 at Søgaards Bryghus in Aalborg, Denmark, where I [...]

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Pam and Me out for a bike ride about 50 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

These past several weeks have been spent as wisely as I could have imagined, resting. on April 12th, my girlfriend, Pam, came over for a visit to Copenhagen so she and I could take a well-needed vacation. Because of this, I [...]

A New Start at Søgaards Bryghus

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

The past weeks have been busy, finishing up my time at Fanø, finding a bike to buy in Belgium, filling those pesky taxes in the US, and of course finding time for brewing and drinking great beer. This past Monday was when I had to bid my farewell [...]

Passion at Baird Brewery

Baird Brewing Company

Having learned a great deal from the Kiuchi Brewers during my stay, I was still yearning for a time to get out and experience a bit more of Japanese beer, and yesterday, I got my chance.

Baird Brewery, Fishmarket Taproom

I was contacted by the brewers of Baird Brewery a few weeks ago about possibly making [...]

Today Was a Good Day

My tour to Nuclear Engineers from around the world.

My tour to Nuclear Engineers from around the world.

I’ll reiterate my title; today was a good day.Today, I gave a tour of the sake brewery to nuclear engineers from around the world. I also tasted a 16 year old daiginjo sake, a 10 year old Burgundy wine from France, and acquired a new apprenticeship at Fanø [...]

A Tour of the Brewery


I’d like to give you a short picture tour of Kiuchi’s main sake brewery, restaurant, and original site of the beer brewery. Currently, I am brewing sake and am having an amazing time doing so. With my brewing background, I’ve caught on to how sake is made as well as the vast history behind the [...]

Results of My Microbiological Tests During Filtration

Beer Samples being visibly inspected for growth before they are taste tested.

A continuous flow meter used to test the beer before it entered the Bright Beer Tank.

Encompassing two weeks of my Fuller’s apprenticeship was testing samples of beer running through the plate filter. Nine different samples were taken during each filtration process, including samples from the maturation tanks, beginning of the filter, middle of the [...]

Filtration at Fuller's

The yeast and protein filter at Fuller's Brewery.

The yeast and protein filter at Fuller's Brewery.

A fun part about my traveling around the brewery is that I’ve been able to follow the beers that I brewed a few weeks ago throughout their entire journey from raw ingredients to people like you. I still have a few areas of the brewery to experience, [...]

My Fuller's Apprenticeship: Parti-Gyle Brewing


The two Boil Kettles at Fuller's Griffin Brewery.

On Monday, I started working at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery located in Chiswick, England. Fuller’s is one of the largest independent, family owned breweries left in the country, and has been brewing since 1845. Until 1993, Fuller’s had been brewing on an old Victorian style brew house, where [...]

Passion and Pride Found at Bath Ales


Yesterday, I returned late from a trip over to Bristol, a fairly large city on the western border of England and Whales. The region was much more hilly than that of the London area, making Bristol a scenic city with some amazing views.

Stuart Tucker poses in front of the tasting casks at Bath Ales.

I [...]

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