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The Brewing of Jutland Smoked Porter


This past Friday, Jutland Smoked Porter was brewed at Søgaards Bryghus by myself and Brian Davis. The porter is a truly robust brew, with strong chocolate notes balancing wonderfully with the dark fruity maltiness, toffee, and roasted characters. To finish off the complexity of the beer, the porter will age for at least three months [...]

A New Start at Søgaards Bryghus

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

Sampling the Nucifera Porter at Søgaards Bryghus.

The past weeks have been busy, finishing up my time at Fanø, finding a bike to buy in Belgium, filling those pesky taxes in the US, and of course finding time for brewing and drinking great beer. This past Monday was when I had to bid my farewell [...]

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